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The Grassman (also known as Orange eyes or the Ohio Grassman) is the Bigfoot of Ohio. It is known to kill dogs. Some people report that Grassmen make growling and barking noises while others say it screams like a woman or a baby. The Grassman gets their name by the nests They make with grass. The are not aggressive to humans, but they are aggressive to dogs and they can pop deers heads off. Grassmen are known to eat fish, deer, berries, and nuts like a Sasquatch would. The Grassman is slightly smaller than a Sasquatch. Once a family in Ohio claimed they saw a Grassman outside their house. one of they Males in the House raced to the room and grabbed a gun the once he got out the room the creature was gone. That night the police was called and no tracks were found. They could only smell a terrible stench. Before they saw the Grassmam, the family said they found their German Shepard dead on the ground.


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